Youth News 8-10-18

Worship in the Hut is Sunday, August 12th. We will eat at 6:00pm and start the worship at 7:00pm. Bring a friend and join us this Sunday.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Go Night. We had a blast at Midtown. Next Go Night will be September 2nd.

Anyone interested in a trip to the mountains over Christmas break? Let’s talk about it this Wednesday night. December 28th-30th might be an ideal time. If you are interested, we need to make plans as soon as possible.

Wednesday night Bible Study continues every Wednesday night in the Youth Room at 6:30pm. We have a faithful group that attends every Wednesday night but we have room for more.

Live PD Club starts back in late August. More details to come!!

Wanted …. a few beanbags. If you have one, let me know. We are always looking for new, alternative seating in the Youth Room.

Aluminum Can Update: We are still collecting cans. Our collection area now is the by the Coke machine in the old handbell room. We recently donated 17 bags to Cans for Kritters. This is a nonprofit organization that takes care of abandon animals and strays. They spay and neuter and always appreciate our donations. Look them up on Facebook.

*Diego Bermudez, age 12, sailed with Christopher Columbus to America in 14 92
*William Cody, age 14, was a Pony Express rider in 1860
* Johnny Clem, age 9, was a Civil War drummer in 1861
*Sybil Ludington, age 16, was a US spy in the American Revolution in 1777
*John Thayer, age 17, survived the Titanic in 1912
*Rose Cohen, age 12, was a labor union leader in 1892
*Allen Jay, age 13, was a Quaker who helped slaves escape in 1844


Worship in the Hut Sunday!

Be God’s,