Youth News 5-5-18

We had a second Youth Breakfast and Devotion this past Friday morning. Thanks to everyone who attended. We have a few more on the Summer Calendar and will have a monthly Youth Breakfast/Devotion in the Fall. More details to come.

Go Night is May 6th. Bring a friend and join the fun!

Upcoming: Worship in the Hut will be May 13, 20, and 27. If you would like to take a leadership role in any of the upcoming services, let me know.

Our Summer Beach Retreat is July 20th-23rd at the Laguna Christian Retreat center in Panama City Beach. Florida. We have the Joseph House again!! A $20 deposit is due upon sign-up. All deposits must be made by May 6th. Your balance will be $105 and it will be due by July 15th. Sign up and join the fun!!

Kickball on the Quad returns in a couple of weeks. Watch this space!!

Live PD Club meets May 5th. More details this week at church.

•the average male spends almost 3,000 hours of their lifetime shaving
•most married men sleep on the right side of the bed
•in 1898 all cheerleaders were male (only 3% now)
•19% of males said they wouldn’t mind being slupid if they had the perfect body
•the average single male is one inch shorter than the average married male
*if an average man never shaved, his beard would be 13 feet long on the day he died
*the average man has $27 in his wallet right now
*most common plastic surgery for males …. .liposuction

Bring you Beach Retreat deposit by May 6th! Be God’s,