College News 9-2-17

Adopt a College Kid! Going to college can be a stressful and chaotic time. The transition from a very active youth group and home support system to college where that may not be in place is a difficult one. This program will enable families or Sunday school classes to sign up to “adopt” a student. The Student will be assigned randomly to a family or Sunday school class.

Adopting a student is not a time intensive thing, it involves sending a card or package 3 times a semester and then a “Finals Week” care package. This is not a huge financial commitment, it is however making a commitment to pray for and love on these students that might be missing home. You might even consider preparing a meal for your college student!

This program is for any 18-25 year old who is going to school. It can be junior college through graduate school.

If you would like to adopt a college student, please contact me! I will be putting information around the church as well!

Our Dominican Republic mission trip is getting closer! We are very excited about the opportunity to go out and serve! As many of you know, we will be providing families with water filters!

Our rock ministry is still going strong! If you haven’t looked us up on Facebook yet, our page name is FLUM ROCKS! We are reaching college students and young adults! If you would like to donate, or even paint a few rocks with us, let me know! We will be going out to campus and around town to hide more in the upcoming weeks!

Sunday Night, we will have go-night and fellowship! Worship in the Hut is back and full swing. If you need a place to worship, feel free to join us! Our next worship time is September 12th. From 6:00-7:00 we will eat and fellowship, then worship will begin at 7! See you there!

-Will Flowers