College News 9-15-17

We are getting ever closer to our mission trip with Filters of Hope! Our college students are very excited and cant wait to get out there and serve. I don’t know if you know this, but our able-bodied college group has a heart to serve and they are doing it by any means necessary! We are even working the parking lot to raise money for the trip! So, if you need a place to park your vehicle for the Alabama game, make a $10 (or more!) donation to the college group and you can park at the church!

I really do want to express how grateful I am for this church. It means a lot to me that Wednesday night meals are a place where our college students can come for a good hot meal!

If you would like to sponsor a college student, all of the paperwork will be in the office by Friday! More details about expectations and responsibilities of your sponsorship will be provided in the packets. I really encourage you all to take a part in this and get to know some of our college students.

God really is good. As we get closer to the trip, all prayers are appreciated and encouraged. Thank you for the continued support.