9-19-21 Worship

Forest Lake United Methodist Church
September 19, 2021 Video Worship
Sermon by Kevin Thomas —
“The Love of God and the Logic of Hell”

We’re still learning how to use livestream technology and Sunday, September 19th posed some challenges which led to problems. We’ll work out the problems and get things right soon.

Because Kevin had been exposed to covid, he did not preach his sermon in person. It was our intention to play his prerecorded sermon for the livestream audience and also over the video monitors in the sanctuary. At the last minute (and after trying multiple computers), we realized that we could not get the sermon video to play in the sanctuary, so Zac decided to preach in the sanctuary while the livestream audience watched Kevin’s prerecorded sermon.

It didn’t work out exactly as planned. The recording of the livestream video has audio of Zac preaching over part of Kevin’s prerecorded sermon.

If you would like to watch the livestream video which includes all of the liturgy and music as well as Kevin’s sermon (with Zac speaking over part of it) click here.

If you just want to listen to Kevin’s sermon, click here.

Thank you for your patience with us as we work out the bugs with new technology.

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