Youth News 9-9-17

Great turnout for Go Night this past Sunday. We went to our usual place and had a great time. Next Go Night is October 1st.

Join us this Sunday night in the Mecredy Center for Worship in the Hut. Supper starts at 6:00pm and worship starts at 7:00pm. Bring a friend and join us!

If you need a place to watch some college football this Thursday night, the Mecredy center will be open. This is for anyone of any age. We will do a brown bag supper, chips and drinks provided.

Our first Youth tailgate of the season is this Friday night from 9:00pm to midnight. We will start in the Mecredy Center and have some snacks while we Wii bowl and listen to some albums. At some point we will go to the gym for more recreation. Bring a friend and join the fun this Friday night.

Bags 207-212 are ready to go to the Tuscaloosa metro Animal Shelter. Let me know if you can help out.

Coming soon…..Airwalk! Watch this space for more details!!

We are looking into a three night Gatlinburg Retreat over the Christmas break. Let’s talk about this and see if there’s any interest. Cost would be in the $100 range. More details to come.

*no one really knows if insects sleep or not
*eyes appear red in some photos because of blood vessels in the back of the eyes
*antlers are temporary, horns are permanent
*shampooing twice, as most shampoos recommend, is unnecessary
(hair oil is 99% removed the first time)
*windmills originated in Iran
*no witches were ever burned at the stake in Salem
*7-Up gets it’s name from their original 7 ounce bottles
(and the expression “bottom’s up)

Worship in the Hut this Sunday!

Be God’s,