Youth News 6-17-17

Kickball on the Quad was fabulous! We had over 20 people involved in a great game that ended with a Brooks Burns walk-off home run. We have another Kickball on the Quad coming soon. Thanks to all the college kids for coming with us!

Big thanks to Erin for chaperoning Service Day last Monday. We worked in the Mecredy Center cleaning the floors, restrooms and stage area. Another thanks to TJ for helping out with some television installation stuff. We now have both synchronized to display the same picture. TJ also did some tweaking to our sound system that improved it tremendously. Thanks, Erin and TJ!

Huge thanks to Molly, Claire, Emma, Gracie, Tianna, Abby, and Emily for helping out with the Children’s Messy Games event last Sunday. You did a wonderful job! The children had a blast … almost as much fun as you did!

Does Ms. Susan know yet if you are helping with our upcoming VBS?

Join us each Wednesday evening for Family Fun Nights and then Youth Bible Study. Meet us in the parking lot at 4 p.m.

If you want to join us for some Midnight Sushi, meet us in the parking lot at 10 p.m. this Thursday night. Parents can pick you up at midnight back at the church. Bring a friend and join the fun.

If you want to attend a special worship service in the Mecredy Center this Monday night, give Will a call for details. More information about this at Youth Sunday night.

Coming very soon:
*Kayak trip on the Black Warrior
*Blue Moon Drive-In

*Bubble wrap was originally intended to be 3D wallpaper
*Movie popcorn costs more per ounce than filet mignon
*As a lifeguard, Ronald Reagan saved 77 people from drowning
*Heroin was once used for children as a pain killer and to suppress coughing fits
*There is a 2400 year old mushroom in Oregon that is still alive and growing
*Joseph Stalin might have invented photoshopping (he would have deceased people removed from his existing photos)

Youth and College will meet together this Sunday night!

Midnight Sushi Thursday at 10 p.m.!

Be God’s,