Youth News 2-25-18

Worship in the Hut will meet on February 25th. Come for supper at 6:00pm and worship at 7:00pm. Bring and friend and join us in the Mecredy center!

Our next Go Night is March 4th. We will meet in the church parking lot at 6:30pm and head over to Midtown for food, fellowship, and fun. We will return to the church at 7:30pm for recreation. Invite a friend and join us.

We will finalize our Beach Retreat date this Sunday morning at Sunday School. If you have a preference, let us know. We will have two to choose from. Our Retreat will be in Panama City Beach at the Laguna Christian Retreat Center. More details to come.

Live PD Club resumes on Friday, March 2nd. Join the fun in the Youth Room. Bring one snack item. The church will provide beverages.

Is anyone interesting in starting a monthly breakfast prayer group one Friday before school. Let’s talk about it this week. We could be on the last Friday of each month at 6:00am for breakfast and prayer time. If you are interested, let me know.

• Olympic downhill skiers can reach speeds of 80 mph
• Sport played on the largest field ….. polo (a polo field is 300 by 200 yards!!!)
• The 1900 Olympics included fishing, billiards, checkers, and croquet
• Tug-of-War was an Olympic event from 1900 to 1920
• The first tennis balls were stuffed with human hair
• Kayaking is a required subject in Greenland’s schools
• Polo players are not allowed lo play left-handed (too dangerous)
• Waterskiing was once known as plankgliding

Bring a friend and attend Youth events this week!!

Be God’s,