Youth News 2-20-13

We are still making Spring plans for UMYF. This Sunday we will continue to talk about dates for the drive-in, a lock-in, bowling, a beach trip, etc. Come to Youth Sunday and help us plan! Here’s the Sunday night schedule:

5:30-7:30 Confirmation in the Fellowship Hall
6:00-6:30 Brown Bag Supper
6:30-7:30 Program and Spring Planning
7:30-8:00 Recreation for Confirmation and UMYF

Big thanks to Patrick, Ashley, and Jordan for chaperoning our Pelham Ice Skating trip. We went to the Galleria first for supper and a little shopping, then skated.

Have You Heard???? Most drive-in theaters will be closing for good in August. As Hollywood completed switches to the digital age, these independently owned theaters won’t be able to afford the changes. The Blue Moon Theater will probably be one of the theaters closing. Between now and August, we are going to visit the Blue Moon a couple of times. Our first trip is coming very soon. Watch this space (or come to UMYF this week)!!!

Last year we had a Wii Bowling League. This year…….Wii Golf!!! League begins soon. Enter this Sunday!!

*Most popular seafood in America……tuna
*Only 6% of grocery coupons are ever redeemed
*Chances a peanut grown in the USA will end up in peanut butter…..33%
*Americans eat 4 million pounds of bacon each day
(along with 175 million eggs)
*An average New Englander eats twice as much ice cream as the average Southerner

Wii Golf starts soon!!!!

Be God’s,

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