Youth News 11-18-17

Big thanks to Will and Zachary for leading worship this past Sunday night for youth and college. It was great! Another thanks to Melissa and the kitchen staff for preparing chicken tetrazzini for us. A final thanks to Abby for bringing a friend (and John).

Because Thanksgiving break is next week, this Sunday night will be Open Gym Night from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. Bring a friend and join the fun. Snacks provided!!

December is packed with many activities. Watch this space in the next Messenger for dates, times, and locations. Also, a December calendar will be available in the Youth Room this Sunday morning. It will have every December Youth event and the church events that are relevant to youth.

Save the dates!! Our annual Christmas Shopping Spree is December 16th. We will meet in the Mecredy Center at 11:00am. We will shop until 3:00pm and return to the Mecredy Center to wrap the gifts. We are shopping for three children this year. More details to come.

We are still working on the details for our Christmas party. It might be a little special this year!!

Coming Soon……..our Christmas Lock-in!!!!

*10,000 pieces of luggage are lost or “mishandled” by a US airliner every day
*Denver’s International Airport is larger than the entire city of Boston
*one British airport plays Tina Turner music to scare off the birds
*plants suffer from jet lag
*20 million airsick bags are used each year by US airlines
*O’Hara Airport in Chicago can sort 480 bags per minute
(and probably lose or “mishandle” a few)
*the airport in Calcutta, India is called Dum Dum

Open Gym Night this Sunday!

Be God’s,