Youth News 10-28-17

Join us this Sunday as we hide a new batch of rocks around Tuscaloosa. We have over a hundred rocks painted and ready to go. We will meet in the Mecredy Center at 6:00pm for a light meal and hide the rocks at 6:30pm. Bring a friend and join the fun!!

Go Night will be Sunday, November 5th.

Big thanks to Melody for providing supper this past Sunday night and to Will, Joey, and Zachary for leading worship. Next Worship in the Hut will be November 12th.

If you have ideas for our Youth Christmas Calendar, bring them to Sunday School this week. We are finalizing activities for December. Don’t forget the Youth Lock-in coming up to raise a little money for our annual Christmas Shopping Spree!

Remember to keep Jordan in your prayers as she moves to Houston, Texas, this week. Jordan has been part of the Youth Program and College Fellowship at Forest Lake UMC for many years. We will miss her leadership around here!! Good luck and God bless you!

We are still looking for a few parents and church friends to help with youth/college meals on Sunday nights. We have two openings in November and two openings in December. Give me a call, send me a text, or email, and let me know if you can help. Thanks!!

*a human jaw can open 30 degrees
*a snake jaw can open 130 degrees
*your tongue has around 9,000 taste buds
*40% of Americans never visit a dentist
*your mouth produces a quart of spit a day
*orthodontic braces were invented in 1728
*5 million teeth are knocked out annually in the USA
*your tongue is the only muscle attached at just one end
*hardest substance in your body…. tooth enamel

Rock hiding this Sunday!

Be God’s,