Volunteers for Christ 2-27-13

Alas and alack! Where has the printed page gone? Ask Max Shores. He is the expert volunteer who created and maintains our website www.forestlakeumc.org.

Why a website? Well, folks, people out there scroll and click and surprise themselves by finding what they didn’t even know existed. Many people live through their I-phones. Statistics say 55% of Americans have one, and each one must have an internet connection. What better way to get our news to the electronic generations about the love of Christ then by a fully developed website?

Have you seen the website? It’s a top-of-the-line, professional site. The Church calendar, beautiful color pictures, articles, directions to the Church and older posts so you can see what you missed are at ready access. And nobody is better at putting the word out electronically than Max.

Who keeps the prayer chain from breaking? Max. Who knows how to get the prayer chain to everyone who wants it? Max.

Not only does Max keep the website maintained and the prayer chain strong, but he also mixes sound for Connections Service. How do those words get up on the screen? Ask Max and his crew. What allows the congregation to hear Hal talk? Ask Max about that tinny-tiny hidden microphone. And Max does all this while working full-time at UA in television production, helping his mom Edith, wife Cindy and her two girls Mary and Myra.

Max is a behind-the-scenes kind of guy. You may not know he’s about. But without his Volunteering For Christ, FLUM would have fewer opportunities to get the word of God into the communities. FLUMers thank you, Max.

Volunteers for Christ stories by Laura Hunter appear here each week.

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