Sharing on Sunday, December 9th, 2018

Flood Buckets 4:00-6:30
Help fill 100 Flood Buckets with Cleaning Supplies for United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). We will break to help with the Manger Project then back to filling buckets. We will provide pizza for those filling buckets. We will need lots of help. We have over 9,200 items to distribute in our 100 buckets.

The Manger Project 4:30-5:15
Help us fill gift bags for forgotten, indigent, elderly OHR clients.

Share the Warmth 6:30-7:30
This is our annual Christmas Choir experience plus Youth Dessert to benefit needy in our community throughout the winter months.

***To donate to The Manger Proiect, *** send a check to FLUM with “Manger Project” in the note line OR donate online at and designate it for “Manger Project.· The bags are around $50.00 apiece, but you may donate any amount your prayers encourage you to give. You do not have to help fill the bags if you donate, but it is a lot of fun. Kids particularly love it. This year, we are doing around 50 bags.

***To donate to Share the Wannth, *** you may do the same as above with a check or on line or wait until you come to the con­cert. Bring family and friends plus CASH for the desserts and hot chocolate the youth will serve in the gym at intermission.

***To donate to Flood Buckets,*** send a check to FLUM with Flood Buckets· in the note line OR donate online at and designate it for “Flood Buckets”.