Pastor’s Notes 7-8-17: Missed Opportunities

By Dr. Kevin Thomas

During my time as a student at the University of Alabama, I played in the Million Dollar Band. At one game in Legion Field, Randy Owens from the group Alabama sang the National Anthem. I’ll admit, I was a little star-struck. After the pre-game show, my section members and I had to return to our bus for some equipment. We were shocked to find the country music group’s bus parked next to ours. The six of us stood outside. We could see Randy and the other members of the band in their bus. We discussed knocking on the door. Especially with us in uniform they would surely let us in-or at least speak to us. We discussed it. We challenged one another to be the one to take the risk. Ultimately, we walked away from a missed opportunity. It’s one of my regrets. I’m sure we all have them. Most of us wish we’d taken the chance at some time in our lives.

We still can. Each day brings new opportunity. Our God is alive and offers fresh blessings each day. The Holy Spirit calls to us through the laughter of a child on the playground or through the tears of a resident in a nursing home. God speaks in a sunrise, a thunderstorm, or the singing of birds in our backyards. Jesus comes near in a conversation with a friend or a chance meeting with a stranger. I’ll admit, it’s easy to miss the opportunities. Life is busy. We have jobs to do, bills to pay, and chores calling our names. God sightings go unnoticed. People have often asked me, “Why doesn’t God speak to people like He did in the Bible?” I believe he does. God is breaking into our world through all the mundane realities of daily life. I’m afraid we’ve lost the ability to notice.

God does speak to us. “Be still, and know that I am God.” Today, be still and listen for God’s voice in laughter, in music, in conversation, in silence-listen. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss.