Pastor’s Notes 7-3-17: Jesus is Lord

By Dr. Kevin Thomas —

Is Jesus Savior or Lord? The answer depends on the condition of the heart. The following parable helps me to consider the question.

I sometimes travel to preach in other churches. Often, I stay with the pastor and his or her family in the parsonage. When I arrive, they show me around. They take me to the guest room. “This will be your room,” they say, “just make yourself at home here.” Then, they’ll show me the living room and kitchen, even inviting me to help myself to whatever’s in the refrigerator (a dangerous offer). There’s one room they never offer to me. They never tell me to make myself at home in the master bedroom. I’m not surprised or offended. After all, it’s not my home. I’m just a guest. However, when I return home, I go wherever I want. I’m at home in any room. I look in the closets and under the beds. No part of my home is off limits, because it’s mine.

Often, when we first begin to follow Christ, we receive Him into our hearts as a guest. We’re thrilled to have such company in our lives. We want Him to feel at home. But, there are some doors that are not open to Him. As our Savior, He is an honored guest, but there are some parts of our lives where He is simply not welcome. As long as we wall off parts of our lives, Jesus may be our Savior, but He is not fully our Lord. Hopefully, we mature to the point where we turn over the keys, where we completely surrender our lives to Him. At that point, he is no longer a guest, but the owner of our hearts. He is then truly Lord.

Please take time today to take inventory of your heart. What rooms are still locked? What keys do you still clutch firmly in your grasp? Consider turning the keys over to Christ so that Jesus may truly be Lord.