Pastor’s Notes 6-3-17: Something Worth Seeing

By Dr. Kevin Thomas —

I served a little church in east Alabama that decades ago earned the nickname Peep Crack. Surely, I thought, a name like that must come with a story. I wasn’t disappointed. As the story goes, during worship in the early days of the church, the Holy Spirit would fall in such a mighty way that it created quite a commotion in the sanctuary. Some of the non-church going neighbors heard about the excitement and wanted to check it out for themselves – from a safe distance. They found a crack in the wall of the old building and gathered around it to peep in on the service. What a story about a church so alive that the unchurched had to sneak a peek!

By the time I arrived, the excitement had waned. Membership had dwindled to half a dozen. Like too many of our once vibrant churches, the glory of the former years was gone. My time at Peep Crack was a sober reminder that we must continue to fan the flames of revival. We must do all that’s necessary to stay in love with God and to stay in love with our neighbors.

This Sunday, we will celebrate Pentecost, the day the church received the Power of the Holy Spirit to be witnesses throughout the world. The Spirit appeared as fire. Fire creates a spectacle that draws people. Moses turned aside to see the burning bush. God led the Hebrews by fire in the wilderness. The arrival of “tongues of fire” sparked a massive crowd to hear Peter’s first sermon, after which 5000 men were saved, plus women and children. As Pentecost nears, please join me in praying for the power of the Holy Spirit to reign at Forest Lake. When people come to sneak a peek at what God is doing among us, may they find us in schools, offices, stores, restaurants, in every part of Tuscaloosa bearing Good News everywhere we go.