Pastor’s Notes 6-17-17: Into the Fields

By Dr. Kevin Thomas —

One of the churches in my first appointment, Musgrove Chapel, was on the edge of a cotton field. During my first year, the small plants grew to maturity and the green gave way to white. On Sunday morning, I drove up to the red brick building standing in stark contrast to the ocean of cotton behind it and remembered Jesus’ words, “Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest” (John 4:35b NASB).

Does Jesus see our world this way? To be honest, I turn on the news and see a different story. Visions of violence, poverty, anger, and hatred fill up my screen. Instinct tells me to run away from the chaos of our world. White for harvest, Jesus? Really?

Jesus looks at our mess and sees the God-image that chaos tries to cover. Our communities are filled with people whom God loves with an everlasting, deep, incarnational love. God is desperate for them to experience that transforming love. How will they know unless someone tells them? How can someone tell them if they don’t come to us? There’s one clear option. The ones of us who know that great love must go!

Christ sends us into the fields to walk among the beautiful, challenging, difficult, profane treasure of humanity with Good News. Jesus is praying for messengers to share God’s heart with creation. You and I have the great privilege of answering that prayer.