Pastor’s Notes 5-7-19: Operational Team Update

By Dr. Kevin Thomas —

Your operational team has been doing excellent work in service of Christ and His church at Forest Lake. Please allow me to share some of what the team has been doing.

Upgraded Contemporary Worship: The Operational Team worked in conjunction with the Contemporary Worship Team to improve contemporary worship. Under their leadership, the fellowship hall got a face-lift. We’ve improved stage lighting and sound, and we continue to develop the music ministry. Thanks to their hard work, the late service is attracting more visitors, and our visitors are returning and becoming regular. Those trends represent significant progress for that service.

Monthly Community Events: We can’t reach people we don’t know. The Operational Team is proactively creating opportunities for us to make friends with new people, friendships that we hope will lead to commitments to Christ. Check out upcoming events on our Facebook Page: Forest Lake UMC Community Events.

Supper Club: In an effort to live into our vision of Building Community, the Operational Team is leading in developing a supper club. Every other week, our members will gather in small groups for meals and fellowship. Every two months, we’ll scramble the groups and make even more friends.

Underground Seminary: A theologically trained laity makes for a healthier church. The Operational Team launched Underground Seminary to help our members think theologically about their ministries, their jobs, their relationships, and all of daily life.

Coming Soon —

Disciple Fast-Track: The Operational Team is working to launch Disciple Fast-Track in June. Twelve sessions will help church members and guests dive deeper into the Old Testament.

New Web Site: The Team is working with a professional web site developer to launch a new web site for the church. The new site will include up-to-date information on upcoming events, opportunities to sign up for ministries online, and current contact information for volunteer opportunities.

Improved Traditional Worship: Drawing from what we’ve learned in upgrading our contemporary worship experience, the Team will be working with our Traditional Worship Team to discover ways to improve the traditional worship experience in ways that will reach and retain new people.

Community-Christ-Calling: The Operational Team is developing a discipleship plan that will greet first-time guests in the parking lot and stay with them through regular attendance, baptism, membership, service, and leadership.

Team Members: To find out more about what’s going on, contact: Kevin Thomas, Bob Haraway, Ken Taylor, Charlie Tidmore, John Burroughs, Emmie Sanders, Annette Dudgeon, Deloris McMullen, Don Hartley, Andrew Tuggle, Dianna Shaw, or Steve Wilson.