Pastor’s Notes 5-5-18: Antioch Project Update

By Dr. Kevin Thomas —
Last fall, we began a 1 ½ – 3 year plan to improve our ministry at Forest Lake. The Antioch Project is not just another consultation report collect­ing dust on a shelf. Excellent leaders are working on the proposals, and I’d like to give you an update. First, let me offer a brief reminder of our recommendations.

1. Clarify our vision, mission, and priorities and begin aligning all our activities with our vision.
2. Develop Adaptive decision making by offering leadership to the church through an Operational Team and a Ministry Action Plan (MAP).
3. Improve Contemporary Worship with the goal of growing average worship attendance above 100.
4. Improve Discipleship and Outreach through small groups, greeting and follow-up, and by developing new groups to reach new people.
5. Improve Communication through social media, advertising, and live streaming of worship services.

We’ve made significant progress.

1. We have been refining and clarifying our vision, mission, and priorities. Here they are in their current form.
Vision: Seek God*Share Love*Build Community
We hope that everyone will commit these simple words to memory. More importantly, we pray that they will guide all our actions as a church. The vision tells us why we are in ministry.

Mission: Discover, Develop, and Deploy People for Sustainable Ministry to Transform Our Community
Okay, the mission is a little wordier, and maybe harder to memorize, but it focuses our vision. It tells us how we will do our ministry.

Priorities (in no particular order): Next Generation, Worship, Spiritual Formation, and Mission
Our priorities tell us what we do. All our resources will be focused in these four areas.

Already, we’ve begun evaluating our ministries to see how they angn with vision, mission, and priorities. Some activity is already well-aligned. Other activities will need to be refocused. We may discover some things that are not helpful, activities that we need to release so we can pursue what God is calling us to do. Faithfulness and stewardship demand that we use your gifts and your time to accomplish God’s purposes. Please continue to pray for Forest Lake as we continue to become the church God is calling us to be. I’ll continue the Antioch Update in my next article.