Pastor’s Notes 4-23-19: More

By Dr. Kevin Thomas —

Everybody was wrong. Rome wanted Jesus dead. The Empire saw Jesus only as a threat to the Pax Romana {Peace of Rome), that He was another would-be emperor plotting a coup against earthly powers. To the Emperor, Jesus was just another traitor to be silenced. The Emperor was wrong. The Prince of Peace offered a true peace beyond the comprehension of the Empire.

The religious leaders wanted Jesus dead. He was a threat to their whole belief system. He disrespected the Sabbath, wreaked havoc in their money-making endeavors in the Temple, was a friend to sinners, and dared to forgive. To them, Jesus was no more than a blasphemer and a heretic. So, the religious leaders conspired with the Romans (their sworn enemies) to murder Jesus. They were wrong. They appealed to Abraham as their authority. Jesus said, “Before Abraham was born, I am” {John 8:58b NIV). How could the great I Am be wrong about the Sabbath or the company that God chooses to keep?

The disciples wanted a king seated on the throne in Jerusalem, a military leader to drive the hated Romans from Israel. They were wrong. They couldn’t see beyond their own trials and tribulations. They were blind to the bigger picture of what God was doing in the world. They were prepared to settle for their dreams when God offered more.

More. That word describes Easter well. It describes our God and the life that God calls us to live. It’s too easy to assume that we have God figured out, that we know what the Trinity desires, that we’ve isolated the truth. Easter reminds us that death is no match for Jesus. Easter demonstrates power that defies the depths of our understanding. Jesus was more than His contemporaries thought Him to be. He’s more
than we can imagine.

I’ve recently fallen in love with a Hubble telescope picture of the universe. Somewhere lost in a sea of stars and celestial bodies resides our planet. invisible in the expanse of space. That picture always reminds me that God is bigger than I can understand. The universe is so large that the starlight we see tonight traveled for years to arrive at Earth. Yet. God spoke, and it came into being. I am convinced that. after all my years of studying, I know less about God than an ant knows about me.

As we come to the empty tomb, may it forever remind us that God is more!