Outreach Update 6-2-18

Meals on Wheels is the first full week of each month. Hospice Week is the second full week of each month. Thank you to all the volunteers who so faithfully serve.

Working United is a ministry our church started with the Southwest District to help people who are homeless find stable housing, employment and transportation. Kasey Perry and Travis Earnest are our first family to qualify for the assistance this ministry will provide. We are thrilled to have our first rental house available June 1. Adam Tant, a local contractor and landlord, is working with us to provide rent for our first family at a discounted price. We are raising money to help with the rent each month lo provide the family access to stable housing. We are looking for people who are interested in being on the team to help Ka­sey and Travis. We are also collecting household items. The family needs just about everything for this first house. If you have beds, towels, dishes, etc. please let us know. If you would like lo make a donation for the rent assistance, please earmark your donation to the church, ‘Working United’. Thank you.

Forest Lake UMC is building The Phoenix House 3/4 house. Volunteer work days are Wednesdays and Saturdays. Thank you to everyone helping in this build. To sign up, talk with Marvin McKinley to work on Wednesdays.

Monday Luncheon will be held June 25, 11 :30 am, at Bert and Madelyn Jones’ house. We will meet at the church at 11:00 am, if you want to ride in the church bus or follow us to the Jones’. Please bring a covered dish.

We have joined with the community to support Tuscaloosa Community Healing, Unity, and Reconciliation. This is a task force made up of groups to provide racial reconciliation through historical and contemporary awareness. Kevin, Melissa and Melody are part of this task force. The groups will meet monthly for 12 to 15 months. If you would like to consider joining one of the groups, the next meeting is July 16.

We will make sack lunches for the East Tuscaloosa Community Soup Bowl on July 22nd. Please see Carolyn Lindsey to sign up for making the sandwiches.

The West Alabama Quilters Guild is honoring our own Hallie O’Kelley with a permanent display of her quilting work. T-shirts have been made to raise money for the display. The shirts are $25. Stop by the church office and see the shirts with the pattern of her tree quilt. If you would like to purchase a shirt, please make your check out to FLUM Church and in the memo write ‘Hallie”.