Outreach Update 2-25-18

When our mission team was in the Dominican Republic, we worked with a young woman who started a school to educate local children living in poverty. Some of her students have no access to education. Others need supplemental teaching to have a chance to break the cycle of poverty. The teacher started the school in her home. Enrollment outgrew her space, and she stepped out on faith to rent an old disco to be the new home of her school. She trusted God would provide the 10,000 pesos/month in rent ($205 USD). God is providing through Forest Lake United Methodist Church. Our church mission team committed to pay one year’s rent for the school. Please be in prayer for our school in the Dominican!

The 2018 Mission Budget is shown below. The Mission Team will review how to use the rest of the money for mission projects throughout the year. Our college students are hoping to return to the Dominican Republic. If you have a proposal for a project please let us know. Thank you all.

Weekday Kids Scholarship $ 6,225.00 (January to May)
Good Samaritan Clinic $ 10,000.00
Jesus Way Homeless Shelter $ 5,000.00
Meals on Wheels $ 2,000.00
Missionary Support (John Elmore) $ 2,500.00
Habitat for Humanity $ 5,000.00
East Tuscaloosa Community Soup Bowl $ 2,000
In As Much Fund $ 12,000.00
Home In Place $ 1,000.00
Fundacion Yireh • $ 2,460.00
*Foundation of Provision School in Dominican Republic
Total Mission Projects Budget $ 48,185.00

Hospice 9th Annual Family 5K Fun Walk is March 3rd at 8:00 a.m.

FLUM Volunteers at Unlversity Place Elementary School: Part 2
Pals report providing the following support to their partners’ classrooms:
• September: funded “fidget seats” for a classroom; provided two classrooms with large amounts of classroom supplie~.g., copier paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer; provided Expo marker kit for a classroom; provided a $1000 “budget” to a teacher, from which she can request funds for specific needs throughout the year; provided decorative items, fruit snacks, & treat gift bags to a classroom; provided special instructional books for a classroom.
• October: provided more books for a class; provided Halloween treats for 2 classes; assisted with Halloween party for a class
• November: assisted with a classroom party; provided 2 large boxes of supplies to a classroom-paper, binder clips, paper clips, scissors, notebook dividers, etc.
• December: 35 Christmas stockings; 18 gifts for students in a class

Special Activities/Projects:
• Prayer walk through school by Rev. Kevin Thomas, at the beginning of school, at a teacher’s request
• Gift cards: $250 (UPES) and $100 (UPMS), for breakfast & snack items for teacher/staff in-services at beginning of school year
• Pals in-service: several FLUM Pals met with teachers during a brief in-service session, to highlight the FLUM Pals program at the school
• Clothing donations: congregation donated clothing and shoes for the closet serving students at
• Re-organization of closet: FLUM volunteer cleaned out and re-organized the UPES school closet, to improve visibility and accessibility of items in the closet
• Book donations: K-2nd grade level books donated by congregation to help two new first-grade teachers establish in-room libraries for their classes
• Christmas gifts/clothing for students from low-income families: $807 was spent on gifts for 7 students (special thanks to Carol and Jim Cargile for shopping, wrapping, and delivery of gifts to UPES)
• Educator gift bags (ongoing): congregation members prepare gift bags of snack items which are delivered individually to UPES and UPMS teachers, staff, & administration (special thanks to Carol & Jim Cargile for coordinating & delivery)
• Cards for FLUM shut-ins: each month, several UPES students make cards for FLUM’s shut-ins
(special thanks to Mona Guin for facilitating)