News & Notes 8-10-18

What’s Up at University Place? National Recognition and Growth
Some especially great news: University Place Elementary School recently received AdvancED STEM Certification for its STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) program. STEAM helps UPES students master scientific, technological, and mathematical concepts while working in artistic media and on engineering-type problems. The program emphasizes holistic, integrated learning and hands-on, project-based involvement. FLUM volunteers have seen “STEAM lab” projects underway and can attest to the excitement they generate among students. UPES implemented this innovative curriculum in 2012 and is only one of five schools in the state of Alabama to earn AdvancED STEM Certification, which recognizes, among other things, academic soundness and commitment to continuous improvement.

UPES will be different in other ways as well when students begin the new school year on Wednesday, August 8th. The most conspicuous change will be a 34% increase in the size of the student body: enrollment in 2017-2018 was 385 students; enrollment for 2018-2019 is anticipated to be 515. UPES is growing as it incorporates space vacated when University Place Middle School closed at the end of the past school year, in keeping with the Tuscaloosa City Schools’ strategic plan. Northington Elementary also closed, and many of its students and employees are transferring to UPES. Among new personnel on campus are Danielle Eppes, school secretary, and Cynthia Huff, assistant principal.

Nakelya Mullins continues as principal, and many in the FLUM congregation enjoyed hearing her speak at the 9:00 service on July 22nd about the importance of FLUM’s mission at UPES.

Congratulations to UPES!!

Anyone interested in volunteering to help with FLUM’s support for UPES may sign up in the Welcome Center. Look for a stack of sign-up forms next to a basket marked “UPES.”

United Methodist Women’s NEWS
The UMW is collecting paper products (paper towels, paper plates, cups, tissue, toilet paper, reams of copy paper), plastic eating utensils, and anything else that you think that could be used at The Good Samaritan Clinic. There is a blue bin in the Welcome Center for your items. We will be collecting thru September.

Pictorial Directory
We are updating our pictorial directory after five years. Please let the church office know if you have a new address or phone number so we can update our records.

Summer Camp Missions Project
Heifer International
Every summer our Campers pick a mission project to focus on. This year Meredith Childers led Campers in raising $600 for Heifer International. The goal was to provide 2 communities with the gift of clean water. The gift is devoted to providing communities with clean, healthy water for daily living. With the gift of clean water, our donation helps families install treadle pumps for better access to clean water, teaches communities about managing water resources, and improves health by highlighting the importance of proper sanitation.

Campers were enticed to bring money by getting to smash a pie in a teacher’s face, a slushy party, and glow party. In addition to contributions from home Summer Campers set up and worked a lemonade stand. At the end of the summer when they reached their goal they participated in a Luau featuring hula dancing, tropical fruit and slushies.

Weekday Kids is proud of our summer campers and staff.