News & Notes 6-2-18

It’s another year and it is time for another round of Financial Peace. We have had great success over our past four classes. All combined, the classes have paid off over $1,000,000. Wow! That’s amazing! I did not think we would hit this mark so soon, but with the work of the past classmates, they were able to create their goals, and reach them.

You can join this group of people. All you have to do is sign up for our Wednesday night class and we will teach you to be debt free too.

Too often, having a goal of becoming debt free is laughable. Early on, you can’t imagine how you could ever be debt free. I know, I was there. I used to think about it as, “One day I’ll be debt free.” But after going through the class I was able to get together a game plan and put it into action. Now I’m able to say, “I am debt free!” You can too. Come join us on Wednesday evenings at 6pm, beginning on June 6th for 9 weeks.

For more information, visit: or speak with Andy Kuhl 216-406-4300.