News & Notes 10-6-17

Alabama Arise
Some people who apply for or need to pay off payday or title loans may actually be eligible for loans from banks or credit unions. They may have reservations about approaching these institutions or be intimated by the process. Please consider speaking with the loan officer at your personal credit
union or bank about offering this service to those who can qualify. If the person who needs money wants assistance in making the appointment you could help and even go to the appointment with them. Remember that this may be a new experience for that person and your support may be essential.

United Methodist Women Night Circle will meet Sunday, October 8th at 6:30pm in the Aldersgate classroom. Please try to attend this important meeting. Thank you.

Wednesday Night Meal – Oct. 11, 5 – 6 p.m.
Menu: Pork tenderloin, macaroni & cheese, fried okra, slaw,
rolls and dessert
Meals are $6; children, youth, and college age eat free!
Contact the church office by noon on Tuesday to sign up.

Heifer News
In spite of the slow start for her shop, Panna Deir continued to learn from all the training Heifer offered. She learned how to supplement her goats’ diet and boost milk production with a water plant, azolla, that grows easily in a cement basin. She completed a course qualifying her to become a community animal health worker. This was the training that saved her. She jumped into her work as an animal caretaker which showed her competence and work ethic. “I will do it and show it” she said. “I will show everyone how it is done.” Keeping their flocks up to date on vaccinations and healthy, the goats of Jhareli, her home area, thrived as never before. Admiration and respect for this hard working woman grew and business at her shop began to pick up and has grown to be steady. Her customers can pay with cast or grain, rice or millet, which she stores in huge barrels stored in a new shed in her yard.
Profits from her shop, her goats and earned from caring for other people’s goats paid for a in-ground water tank, additions to her home and for her sister’s handicapped son she adopted when her sister was unable to care for him and his family. Next time, you’ll learn how Panna is passing on the gift- one of
Heifer’s major tenets. All information is from World Ark, Fall 2017 As of Sunday October 1st we have given $2,437.61 toward our $5,000 Heifer Ark.
Lucy Deason

University Place Lunches
FLUM will be providing a duty-free lunch for University Place teaching staff once each semester this academic year: on Wed., Oct. 25 (11:30 – 1:00) and Wed., May 9 (11:30 – 1:00). Missions provides the meal, and volunteers mingle and converse with students, assisting them as needed during lunch time in the UPES cafeteria. Please help on either or both days. To sign up, contact Nancy Campbell.

Traditional: 125 Sunday School: 74 Contemporary: 73 Nursery: 3

Scripture: John 5:1-9
Sermon: “Waiting for a Cure”

Traditional: Bobby Ray Hicks
Sunday School: Michelle Diltz
Connections: Volunteer Needed

Traditional: Bobby McGraw
Sunday School: Anisa Hunter
Connections: Anisa Hunter

Samantha Heath