Adult Sunday School Classes

Adult Bible Study
This class selects varying Bible books and studies one or two chapters every week with active member participation in the discussion. Semi-annual class party scheduled during the year.
Age group: Young adult to the elderly – all are welcome!
Room: 225

Aldersgate Class
Lively discussion led by the teachers using the Adult Bible Studies materials or other timely topics. We usually open with news and needs of our members. We welcome new members!
Teachers: Lucy Deason and Lib Powell
Age group: Mid-years and up
Room: 104

Cornerstone Class
Our fellowship of friends is excited about life with Christ. We are a no pressure group that welcomes anyone who is seeking support in their life with Christ. We enjoy frequent group fellowships which give the opportunity to learn more about each other. Group chosen class topics range from Parenting with Boundaries to Basics of Christianity. Couples and singles with and without children are all welcome to learn more about how we are seeking a life with Jesus Christ.
Age group: All ages welcome, married or single
Room: 216

Fellowship Class
Teacher-led discussions with diverse study selections from Books of the Bible, contemporary topical subjects and consideration of social issues – this class covers it all. Occasional audiovisual media compliments the discussion. Outside the class we enjoy meals together and travel, culminating with a yearly Christmas party which includes Dirty Santa.
Teacher: George Rable
Age group: 30 + – All ages welcome, married or single
Room: 228

Genecians Class
The Sunday School lessons are as varied as the personalities of the teachers. Five class members rotate as teachers insuring a variety of approach and diversity of expression focusing on the life of Jesus and His ministry to the world. The teachers are blessed with instructional talent and come from a number of professional backgrounds. Clarity of thought and stimulating discussion are valued. Occasional special projects might include a special holiday program for senior citizens unable to be active members of the Church or a class party just to socialize.
Age group: Wide age spread -young, middle aged and older adults. Wonderful spirit of camaraderie in this community of individuals and couples.
Room: 227

Koinonia Class
This lecture style class studies the Adults Bible Studies. Hymns are sung from the Cokesbury Hymnal, birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated, and prayer concerns are listed each week. Each third Sunday the class goes to a restaurant together and there is a class social each quarter. Koinonia is a Greek word that was coined for the special fellowship of the early Christians. This class has the same warm fellowship and welcomes all with warmth and friendliness.
Age group: 50’s through 80’s
Room: 101

New Friendship
This class is all about a spirited discussion on widely varied topics by volunteer teachers. They have several class members who love to play devil’s advocate. This is a group that loves to help with projects. Outside activities include regular evening socials, girls-night-out, annual Christmas party (of course, Dirty Santa), participation in mission events and other fun programs,
Age group: 30’s to 50’s, single and married couples – all are welcome.
Room: 213

Saints and Sinners
Looking for a Sunday School class that wants to go deeper in scripture and get involved with missions around the Tuscaloosa community? Well, look no further. Please join us as we explore various life-applicable lessons based in scripture.
Age group: Single, married, divorced or widowed. all adults are welcome!
Room: 226

Open discussions led by volunteer members of the class using a wide variety of materials with primary focus on contemporary social issues. This group uses a variety of books chosen for their topic and content. After class each Sunday, the class shares lunch at local restaurants. Members meet regularly for pot-luck suppers and outings. We welcome new members.
Age group: Adult, young at heart.
Room: 215

Wesley Sunday School Class
Members and visitors are welcomed by the Class President each week. The Adult International Bible Study lessons are the basis of the class discussion. Members of the class regularly call on the sick and shut-ins of the church.
1st Sunday: Charles Findley
2nd Sunday: Patricia Clark
3rd Sunday: Hillary Jeffcoat
4th Sunday: James Kassner
5th Sunday: Joe Darden
Age Group: Age 60 and above
Room: 103

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