FLUM Outreach at UPES

Report for FLUM Missions Committee – University Place Elementary School – Fall Semester, 2018

Volunteers at UPES School:
In addition to several FLUM members assisting with a duty-free lunch, fourteen FLUM volunteers worked directly with students during the semester (most assisting with reading) and two others assisted in the school office. Hours worked:

August: 29.25 hours, September: 55.00 hours, October: 81.00 hours, November: 64.75 hours, December: 48.00 hours

Twenty-three individuals or groups (e.g., choir, Sunday School classes) are serving as “Pals” to classroom teachers at UPES. Pals report providing the following support to classrooms:

• August: Provided several 2″0-grade & kindergarten classrooms with school supplies, including complete sets of items students are asked to provide, to help assure all students have the needed supplies (some don’t bring everything)
• September: Provided 140 #2 pencils for kindergarten classes; a case of paper each for 1st grade and kindergarten grade levels; and enough Oreos for every 2nd-grader to have several for a “phases of the moon” science class activity
• October: Provided pumpkins for decorations for pre-K classrooms; snacks for 3,d.grade Halloween party; and snacks for 5111-graders during special tutoring sessions; also arranged for 1st.grade teachers to be reimbursed for replacing ink cartridges in printers
• -November: Funded four 3rd-graders’ participation in a field trip, approx. $150
• December: Donated 90 Christmas stockings to be stuffed with goodies for pre-K students and 150 bags of chips for a school-wide cookout and 4 hours’ time cooking hot dogs (special thanks, chef John Burroughs!); also special donation to UPES Christmas fund for gifts for students from low-income families

Special Activities/Projects: 
• Gift card: $275 for breakfast & snack items for in-services at beginning of school year
• Pals Orientation at FLUM: FLUM Pals, Melody, and Kevin met with teachers who serve as Chairpersons for their UPES grade-levels, to review
the Pals program, how it has changed this year, how it ·works”
Clothing donations: Congregation donated clothing and tights for the UPES closet
• Duty-free lunch: Meal provided for teachers & staff; volunteers supervised & assisted students throughout the lunch period
• Christmas gifts/clothing ($900+) for 8 students from low-income families (special thanks to Carol & Jim Cargile for shopping, wrapping, & delivery
of gifts to UPES)
• Educator gift bags (ongoing): Congregation members prepare gift bags of snack items which are delivered individually to UPES teachers, staff, & administration (special thanks to Carol & Jim Cargile for coordinating & delivery)