Embraced by God – New Class Starting Soon

All women are invited to join Daughters of Light for our new Bible Study starting next Wednesday, March 6, from 6 – 7 p.m. This is an 8-week Bible study designed to help you understand with greater clarity God’s deep, sweet love for you and to experience this love as never before. We will explore seven promises He makes to us as His beloved daughters. Each of these promises addresses a specific area in our love relationship with the Lord. We will also consider how, with the power of Jesus Christ operating within us, we can apply these aspects of His love in our daily lives.

1. You are loved unconditionally by God.

2. You are beautiful to God.

3. You are never alone.

4. You have everything you need in God.

5. You have a God-given purpose.

6. You can accomplish great things in God’s name.

7. You are equipped with unique gifts and talents.

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