College News 7-15-17

Hello y’all! Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday nights, we have activities going on! Come be a part of it! As a group of young adults, there are some things we would really like to do. We really want to get out and serve. We are looking for opportunities. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

Sometimes, it’s easy to get down, feel blue, or be discouraged. Some mornings it may be hard to get out of bed. Sometimes, maybe a day at home in bed sounds a lot less terrifying than social interaction. Depression, anxiety, worries, financial issues, health issues, relationship problems and other burdens and stresses are all around us. They make up everyday life. Some of you may have experienced some things on this list… and maybe some of you are currently experiencing them. Before I go any further, let me say this… I love you.

I am not going to try and discount anything in the above paragraph because I believe we are all struggling with something, but I do want to throw out an idea… what if we are giving more power to these things than they actually have? What if we are giving these things the ability to control our lives? How do we take that back? This is easier said than done, but give it to God. Your problems, your worries, were dealt with on a cross two thousand years ago… you don’t have to carry it alone. In the grand scheme of things, this life that we have is pretty good. God can use anything to bring glory, the good and the bad. He chose YOU to live YOUR life. Live it to the best of your ability by trusting in Him.