Children’s News 8-4-17

From our first ever Kiddos Potluck Picnic to our annual Fayette Aquatic Center Trip, we had a SUPER week to close out Summer! Can you believe that school is starting back next week?

A HUGE shout out to our UMW for sponsoring and sending our children to Camp Sumatanga’s One-Day Missions Camp as well as to Ms. Melody and Mrs. Melissa for braving the heat to chaperone them. The kids had so much fun! THANK YOU!

SO MANY “thanks”, too, go to Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Pammi Sellers for hosting our children in their home following the last homebound visit! The kiddos (& adults) all had a great time! Thank you!

And then there’s our annual Fayette Aquatic Center trip which is always a hit! We were able to dodge most of the rain and enjoyed splashing, jumping and swimming. Big “thanks” there go to Claire, Eli, Emily & Alaina for playing with the kiddos! Thank you!

Ok… so that means there’s one more week until Promotion Sunday! On Sunday, Aug. 13 we’ll promote our kiddos to new classes and have our Blessing of the Backpacks. Wednesday classes will also start back that same week on Aug. 16. A couple of changes are in the works this year: First off, KIDDOS CLASSES WILL BE FROM 6-7 P.M. for fall. Our classes during August will be held downstairs and are open to all ages of the church… it will be Advent in August! Let’s get a jump on things as we have guest teachers show us how to make ornaments from years past. This will be a great time to mix and mingle with lots of our church members.

Looking forward to everything we’ve got in the “works” as we get “GEARed” up for fall!
sd 🙂