Children’s News 8-11-17

This Sunday is Promotion Sunday! We’ll promote our kiddos to new classes and have our Blessing of the Backpacks. We can’t wait to recognize these wonderful children and upcoming 3rd graders. I’ll also be introducing our Fall Missions focus that day, too.

We’re getting “geared” up for our Wednesday classes starting on Aug. 16! A couple of changes are in the works this year. First, KIDDOS CLASSES WILL BE FROM 6-7 P.M. Also, during August, our classes will be downstairs and are open to all ages of the church… it will be Advent in August! Let’s get a jump on things as guest teachers show us how to make ornaments from years past. This will be a great time to mix and mingle with lots of our church members!

Once September rolls around, our Wednesday schedule will look like this for September, October, November, January and February:
1st Wed.: Bible Story Introduction/Special Snack!
2nd Wed.: Movie Clip/Craft Night
3rd Wed.: Imagination Station
4th Wed.: College Rec Night!

Fall calendars are ready! Looking forward to everything we’ve got in the “works” as we get “geared” up!

sd 🙂