Children’s News 7-8-17

WHAT A SUPER WEEK! Thank you so much for all you’ve done to show Christ’s love to each of these children during Vacation Bible School!

I have to give special shout-outs to the following people for all their time, effort and commitment they shared with us this past week:

Our adult teachers, leaders and crew: Carol Cargile, Nancy Campbell, Michelle Diltz, Jack Duncan, Amy Duncan, Janet Edwards, Erin Flowers, Samantha Heath, David Howard, Gayle Howard, Laura Mullins, Lisa Smith, Melissa Thomas, and “Uncle Steve” Hafner… all the Summer Camp counselors, Velma, Shundre & Janet … all our youth and visiting youth friends: Eli Adams, Laney Allgood, Emma Bissell, Claire Dickinson, Abby Duncan, John Duncan, Claire Gibson, Meredith Guinn, Natalie Guinn, Drew Heaps, Katie Heaps, Destiny Hoggle, Jack Leach, Hayley, Greyson Lee, Molly McKane, Demi Nevels, Bella Nolan, Emily Smith, Kyle Smith, Ellen Williams, and Katy Williams … and of course I can’t leave out YOU! Thank you for all the prayers and donations! This is truly a group effort and couldn’t happen without everyone. THANK YOU!

During VBS we learned how we are all God’s Superheroes! Our mantra was “Do good! Seek peace! And go after it!!!” We learned that God’s superheroes have heart, courage, wisdom, hope and power. Each and every one of us, from the biggest to the smallest, have those characteristics! Yay us! Go God!

We have more fun summer things in the works. Check out our schedule below…

SUMMER 2017:
July 12, 19 & 26th: Homebound Visitation followed by a Dutch treat lunch. Meet in the Welcome Center at 10 a.m.
July 23: FLUM Kiddos Family Picnic 12:15 p.m. Everyone bring a dish to share and let’s have a pot-luck immediately following the Connections Service. It’ll be a fun time to fellowship! Bring some friends and let’s welcome them to Forest Lake!
July 30: 5th Sunday Funday – Superheroes!
July 31: FAYETTE AQUATIC CENTER TRIP! Meet at the waterpark at 10 a.m. Advance sign-up is requested! $5 per person.
Please join us for one or all of these fun times!

Check out our Facebook page for more details, dates and times!

Enjoying this SUPER summer!
sd 🙂