Children’s News 10-6-17

What a generous week we’ve had! We had $30 turned in this week for Filter of Hope… Wow! That brought us up to $43 and with the donor match…$86!!! WAY TO GO! Let’s keep this momentum going!!

And then… the snack box… We are working on filling our 2nd box of snacks before the end of October and the Poverty Study. By the way, have you seen the size of this box? It’s huge! Let’s top it off one more time!

Now onto Wednesdays… This has to have been the best Wednesday night this fall! Rec Night with our College Crew was a HUGE hit! Check out the pictures on Facebook for some of the fun happenings.

The below schedule is set for October, November, January & February for Wednesdays from 6-7 p.m.
1st Wed: Bible Story Introduction/Special Snack!
2nd Wed: Movie Clip/Legos or Play Dough
3rd Wed: Imagination Station/Craft night w/ Mrs. Carlie
4th Wed: Rec Night with our College Crew!
This Wednesday we’ll start a new Bible story to focus on all month! Join us to earn your “bag tag” for the month!!

Our next special outing will be on Saturday, October 14th. We’ll meet at the Barnyard at 10 a.m. There are a few that will be coming late due to sports… no worries! Just let me know so we’ll have you on the list.

We’re “geared” up and in full swing in the Kiddos’ Department. Come join our fun!

sd 🙂