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  • Pastor’s Notes 9-23-15

    By Dr. Kevin Thomas — The need to impress – it’s so common, and it’s rooted in an even deeper need to be accepted, valued. For too many, the struggle is too hard. They grow up with implicit and explicit messages that they don’t measure up, that they’re no good. Her mom told her she […]

  • Pastor’s Notes 9-16-15

    By Dr. Kevin Thomas — One of my favorite commercials features Charles Schulz’s Peanuts. Charlie Brown and the gang are at the starting line, ready for a race before a packed stadium. The starting pistol sounds. The Peanuts are off, and to everyone’s amazement, Charlie is out in front leading the pack. Once he realizes […]

  • Pastor’s Notes 9-9-15

    By Dr. Kevin Thomas — When someone is completely focused on relentlessly pursing a specific goal, we often say that person is on a mission. We know the person will not be easily distracted from the goal. Well, our church is on a mission, too-one given by God. As of today, we believe God is […]

  • Pastor’s Notes 9-2-15

    By Dr. Kevin Thomas It’s still a work in progress, still the subject of much prayer and discussion, but for now our vision statement is: Christ Followers Creating the Life God Intends That short phrase is loaded with lots of meaning, and it will be significant in shaping Forest Lake for years to come. Let’s […]

  • Pastor’s Notes 8-26-15

    By Dr. Kevin Thomas — Then he returned to his disciples and found them sleeping. “Couldn’t you men keep watch with me for one hour?” he asked Peter. – (Matthew 26:40) Jesus seems disappointed that the disciples didn’t stay awake and pray with Him. For years, I’ve read this text as a complaint that Peter, […]