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  • Pastor’s Notes 8-19-15

    By Dr. Kevin Thomas — They’re back! The students have returned to the Capstone, and the evidence is all around – longer wait times at restaurants, traffic congestion, and cars lining every curb within a mile of campus. Just a week ago, Sunday lunch at a local cafĂ© was a leisurely experience. Those days are […]

  • Pastor’s Notes 8-12-15

    By Dr. Kevin Thomas — “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” – Matthew 3:2 I once asked a youth group to describe the kingdom of heaven. They began to describe a distant place where there is no pain, no sickness, no sadness. For them, the kingdom of heaven was somewhere beyond the […]

  • Pastor’s Notes 8-5-15

    By Dr. Kevin Thomas — I nearly missed my calling, and for the oddest of reasons. In my early years, I often heard of preachers and missionaries running from their calling, sometimes for years.. Their tales painted images in my mind of God dragging people kicking and screaming into ministry. For me, God’s calling was […]

  • Pastor’s Notes 7-29-15

    By Dr. Kevin Thomas — I went to Belk at University Mall the other day to pick up a suit coat they had altered for me. When I arrived at the mall, I mistakenly parked near Belk’s women’s store. So, I had to get to the men’s department on the other side of the mall. […]

  • Pastor’s Notes 7-22-15

    By Dr. Kevin Thomas — “When it comes to the god who hates me, I want to become an atheist.” The quote made me stop and think. Many of us grew up in a culture dominated by an angry god who was just looking for the opportunity to toss us into the flames. We’ve spent […]