Pastor’s Notes 8-24-16

Wednesday Nights By Dr. Kevin Thomas — We are committed to discovering, developing, and deploying people to use their gifts to meet real needs to transform our community! A vital […]

oregon trail game

Pastor’s Notes 8-17-16

Travelling Light By Dr. Kevin Thomas — One of the earliest computer games I remember is Oregon Trail, an educational game that took players on a journey from east of […]

Look Who Jesus Invited To The Party

Pastor’s Notes 8-10-16

By Dr. Kevin Thomas — Zaccheus was the wrong guy to have as an acquaintance, much less a friend. As a tax collector, he daily took money away from hard-working […]


Pastor’s Notes 8-3-16

By Dr. Kevin Thomas — We’re pretty good at reading for information. Perhaps you picked up your newspaper today to see what’s going on in our world. You learned about […]

Declaration of Dependence

Pastor’s Notes 6-29-16

By Dr. Kevin Thomas — I’m a patriot. I love our country and the freedoms it offers. We’re by no means perfect. We’re still learning that “all men are created […]