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  • Pastor’s Notes 7-15-15

    By Dr. Kevin Thomas Ephesians encourages us “in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ” (4:15b). God created us as social creatures, so spiritual growth happens best in relationship with other people. Groups of believers form a catalyst that moves us along in our spiritual journey. I encourage you […]

  • Pastor’s Notes 7-8-15

    By Dr. Kevin Thomas I understand that the toughest thing about training a seeing-eye dog is raising his level of vision. The average German Shepherd’s eyeballs are about two feet off the ground. So, he has no problem walking under three-foot-high obstructions. The average blind person’s eyeballs are about five feet off the ground, and […]

  • Pastor’s Notes 7-1-15

    By Dr. Kevin Thomas I’m a patriot. I love our country and the freedoms it offers. We’re by no means perfect. We’re still learning that “all men are created equal” applies to every man and woman, not a select group. But, I do believe the American experiment has been a success. I admire those who […]

  • A Note from Our New Pastor

    My family and I are truly excited to be coming to Forest Lake UMC! We are well aware of your strong history of ministry, and we are honored to be joining in the work there. With God’s help, I am certain that our best days are still ahead of us! I have been married to […]

  • My Mom’s Piano

    In the living room of the parsonage is the piano I played under as a child. Instead of a dining room, we had a music room filled by this baby grand piano and music ranging from a collection of old hymnals to classical choral music. Over the years we added onto the house, built a […]