broken hearted

Pastor’s Notes 6-15-16

By Dr. Kevin Thomas — My heart breaks for all of those affected by the Orlando shooting. The pain, suffering, and mourning brought about by this horrible action is impossible […]

we are more

Pastor’s Notes 6-8-16

By Dr. Kevin Thomas — Single issues divide us. They always have. In the book of Acts, the church nearly divided over the inclusion of Gentiles. Christian denominations remain divided […]

The Priesthood of all Believers

Pastor’s Notes 6-1-16

By Dr. Kevin Thomas — In Acts 6, the church had its first argument. Not surprisingly, it was over food. The Greeks claimed that their widows were not getting as […]

Pastor’s Notes 5-25-16

By Dr. Kevin Thomas — Unity is a big deal to God. In the garden after the Last Supper, Jesus prayed that all of His followers would be one just […]

Do you delight in church

Pastor’s Notes 5-11-16

Spiritual Health, Part 5 by Dr. Kevin Thomas As we continue to evaluate our spiritual health, the next question is, “Do you delight in church?” The answer depends on how […]