Do you delight in church

Pastor’s Notes 5-11-16

Spiritual Health, Part 5 by Dr. Kevin Thomas As we continue to evaluate our spiritual health, the next question is, “Do you delight in church?” The answer depends on how […]

Are you growing more concerned with other people's needs

Pastor’s Notes 5-4-16

Spiritual Health, Part 4 By Dr. Kevin Thomas — “It’s all about me!” That’s the mantra of our culture. Millions of people walk around each day at the center of […]

gods presence

Pastor’s Notes 4-27-16

Spiritual Health, Part 3 by Dr. Kevin Thomas — In our ongoing quest to diagnose spiritual health, our third question is, “Are you more sensitive to God’s presence?” Of course, […]

bible with sunlight

Pastor’s Notes 4-20-16

Spiritual Health, Part 2 by Dr. Kevin Thomas — In diagnosing our spiritual health, last week I asked, “Do you thirst more for God?” This week, the question is, “Are […]

do you thirst more for god

Pastor’s Notes 4-13-16

Spiritual Health, Part 1 by Dr. Kevin Thomas — My experience of the medical world changed drastically on my 50th birthday. Apparently, now I need one doctor whose primary job […]