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  • Youth News 11-19-14

    We had a great crowd for our 2nd Wednesday night installment of “Why So Many Gods.” We looked at Judaism, studied the basics, and compared it to Christianity. We had a great discussion and great questions. Big thanks to Carol Cargile and Susan Dickinson for hanging out with us and adding to the discussion. This […]

  • Youth News 11-12-14

    We started our new series on Wednesday nights. It’s called “Why So Many Gods” and it looks at world religions and compares them to Christianity. Our first session was on Christianity and our basic beliefs. This Wednesday night we will tackle the basic beliefs of Judaism and talk about how it compares to Christianity. Bring […]

  • Youth News 11-5-14

    Yea!!! We got back into the 20’s at Youth Sunday School this past Sunday!! Woohoo!! Big thanks to Claire and Meredith for bringing friends. We talked about BOLDNESS and looked at Proverbs 28:1 and Acts 4:13. It’s hard to be a BOLD Christian at times but it is one of our important character traits. One […]

  • Youth News 10-29-14

    Big thanks to all the Youth who worked the Fall Festival this past Sunday night. Great job Jack, Molly, Alaina, Kaelyn, Garrett, Katie, Abby, Emily, Brooke, Price, Sami, and Leah. What a smashing success! I’m not good at estimating crowds but I would be shocked if we didn’t have at least 350 visitors this past […]

  • Youth News 10-22-14

    If you have signed up for the Starkville day trip, please remember that we moved the departure time from 10am to noon. We will return at 7:00pm. You will need around $15 for a late lunch and ice cream. Our overnight trip to Chattanooga is coming up in November. We are still figuring the cost […]