Antioch Project Report 2-10-18

By Dr. Kevin Thomas —

In January, we began implementing the recommendations of the Antioch Project, and we are off to a strong start. We’ve organized our Operational Team which will be our primary body responsible for strategic planning. They are currently reviewing and clarifying our vision, mission, and priorities. I’ve encouraged members of the team to share our progress with you in Sunday school and other venues. Vision, mission, and values must be owned by the entire church, so your input is vital. Once we clarify these points, we will be ready to begin aligning all of our resources to accomplish our vision.

We’ve also begun upgrading our Connections worship service. The praise team is developing better stage presence and building a strong atmosphere of collaboration that will serve us well going into the future. We are also working on some much needed updates to our equipment. The extra effort seems to be paying off as our attendance in that service is growing.

I’ve started meeting with our coach, Rev. Bob Alford, and will continue to meet with him regularly for ideas, accountability, and an objective ear to help me think through ideas. Bob will be available throughout the process to meet with any of our groups as needed. As an added bonus, because Bob works on the conference staff, there is no fee for our coaching. We will not have to pay the $1000 coaching fee.

We are off to a strong start, but it’s just a start. Please remember that this project is a marathon, not a sprint. Please continue to join us on this journey that will produce fruit over the next 1 ½ to 3 years.